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Larger Than
Life Entertainment

With our passion, knowledge, creative flair and inspiration, we are
dedicated in helping you to achieve your dream wedding day or
special event within your budget

Brian has been obsessed with music since childhood. His main goal when DJ’ing is to compliment the event with music that fits a theme or the personality of the client. Although Brian spins every music style know to man some of his personal favorite play lists include Reggae, throwback hip hop classics, Reggae, Soul, Motown, 80’s Pop and 1940’s Swing. He is always flexible and happy to accommodate any special requests and incorporate every clients tastes into the mixes he creates. Mechanically, Brian is a high-level mixing and beat matching DJ and his mastery of the art form allows him perform easily in any situation he is put into.

Brian also recognizes that he is not there to be the main attraction, or center of attention. So you will never find him talking over the music, playing games, wearing costumes, or teaching line dances, a DJ stereotype that Brian strives to avoid. He has always worked under the philosophy that if you play the right mix, the music will bring the guests to the dance floor.